Scientific Program (All Categories)
DateTimeVenueSubspecialtySession Title
Nov 1911:00
Run Run Shaw HallPaediatric and Neuro-ophthalmologyPaediatric and Neuro-ophthalmology

Carmen K. M. CHAN
Shu Ping Dorothy FAN
Tak Chuen KO
Wai Kuen YIP

Topic / Speaker
11:00 - 11:07 Astigmatism in children and adults of Hong Kong (Free Paper) Arnold Shau Hei CHEE
11:07 - 11:14 Paediatric Uveitis: A retrospective review from a tertiary centre in Hong Kong (Free Paper) Hiu Ching Kristy YIM
11:14 - 11:26 Intermittent extroptia - what I learned Connie LAI
11:26 - 11:38 Retinopathy of Prematurity: Past, Present and Future Julie Ying Ching LOK
11:38 - 11:50 Cancer associated visual loss Chun Yue MAK
11:50 - 12:02 Typical vs Atypical Optic neuritis Carmen K. M. CHAN
12:02 - 12:09 High myopia prevalence in special educational needs children and its link with earlier and longer exposure to electronic screens during the COVID-19 pandemic (Free Paper) Tiffany Hong-kiu CHEN
12:09 - 12:16 Retinoblastoma: Global Strata in Treatment Outcomes, Strata Mobility and Associated Factors (Free Paper) Wai Chak CHOY