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Nov 2013:00
Run Run Shaw HallGlaucomaHKGIG Symposium

Ching Yan Noel CHAN
Siuping HUI
Chee Yung, Clement THAM

Topic / Speaker
13:00 - 13:07 Intraocular Pressure Spike Following Uneventful Phacoemulsification and Intraocular Lens Implantation in Patients with Primary Angle Closure Disease (Free Paper) Hong Wan Ivan LAU
13:07 - 13:19 Treatment of cytomegalovirus anterior uveitis with uncontrolled IOP--the Hong Kong Eye Hospital experience' Oi Man Mandy WONG
13:19 - 13:31 XEN vs Trabeculectomy - Intermediate results from a Hong Kong randomized control trial Jasper K.w. WONG
13:31 - 13:43 The correlation between SS-OCT parameters and IOP changes after phacoemulsification in PACG: a prospective longitudinal study Sophia Ling LI
13:43 - 14:03 Leveraging Preservative-free Prostsglandins Fixed-dose Combination Medications for Glaucoma Treatment - from Clinical Studies to Real-world Experience Wing Lau HO
14:03 - 14:15 NTG as a Small Vessel Disease Dexter Yu-lung LEUNG
14:15 - 14:22 Effect of topical beta blocker or prostaglandin inhibitor on IOP during intravitreal injection of anti-VEGF – a double blinded, randomized three arm crossover study (Free Paper) Stephanie Hiu Ling POON
14:22 - 14:29 Management of glaucoma in the osteo-odonto-keratoprosthesis (OOKP) eye (Free Paper) Christopher LIU