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Nov 1911:00
PYK AuditriumCornea Lens and Refractive SurgeryCornea Lens and Refractive Surgery 2

Ka Wai KAM
Nai Man LAM
Amy Lee WONG

Topic / Speaker
11:00 - 11:20 Clinical Experience with LUXSMART™ – the new Pure Refractive Optics EDOF IOL and the use of AK Corneal Incisions to correct astigmatism in FLACS George CHENG
11:20 - 11:27 Refractive outcomes after phacoemulsification in eyes with primary angle closure glaucoma (Free Paper) Lok Yee TSUI
11:27 - 11:34 Climatic and Environmental Associations with Dry Eye Disease Prevalence, Types and Severity (Free Paper) Chun Hong CHAN
11:34 - 11:41 The Utility of Strip Meniscometry in the Screening and Diagnosis of Dry Eye Disease in a Random Population-Based Cohort Study for Chinese Subjects Aged 50 and Over (Free Paper) Ryan LEE
11:41 - 11:48 Simultaneous immediate bilateral cataract surgery - a retrospective analysis (Free Paper) Sze Wai Venice LI
11:48 - 11:55 Impact of COVID-19 on Corneal Donation and Transplantation in Hong Kong (Free Paper) Wing Yan Rachel TSUI
11:55 - 12:15 Evaporative Dry Eye and MGD Management Options Alex NG