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Nov 2015:00
PYK AuditriumOcular OculoplasticsOcular Oculoplastics

George CHENG
Kelvin Kam-lung CHONG
Kwok Lai Hunter YUEN

Topic / Speaker
15:00 - 15:12 Transorbital endoscopic surgeries Kwok Lai Hunter YUEN
15:12 - 15:19 Single or Double Scleral Closure?  A Comparison of Evisceration techniques (Free Paper) Tiffany Ho Ling ONG
15:19 - 15:31 Beauty, Pain & Variations of Frontalis Flap Joyce Kar Yee CHIN
15:31 - 15:43 TED lid retraction: Minimally Invasive Techniques Stacey Carolyn LAM
15:43 - 15:50 Magnetic resonance evaluation of lacrimal gland involvement in thyroid eye disease- associated dry eye syndrome (Free Paper) Allie Ho Kiu POON
15:50 - 15:57 Clinical-radiological-serological comparison of dacryoadenitis using the LENS-histological classification: a retrospective cohort study (Free Paper) Ka Yu MAK
15:57 - 16:04 Comparison between the Clinical Activity Score (CAS) and the degree of muscle activity illustrated in Magnetic Resonance Images in thyroid eye patients in Chinese population (Free Paper) Sin Ki YEUNG
16:04 - 16:11 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Parameters on Lacrimal Gland in Thyroid Eye Disease: a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis (Free Paper) Nicole Tsz Yan WONG
16:11 - 16:18 Efficacies of combined Intravenous Methylprednisolone, Orbital Radiotherapy and Immunosuppressants in Dysthyroid Optic Neuropathy: a retrospective cohort study (Free Paper) Lok Yin Lorraine PANG
16:18 - 16:25 Explainable Deep Learning System for Automatic Diagnosis of Thyroid Associated Orbitopathy using Facial Images (Free Paper) Hoi Ching CHEUNG