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Nov 1911:00
LPY Lecture TheatreUveitis and General OphthalmologyUveitis and General Ophthalmology

Pui San CHAN
Mary HO

Topic / Speaker
11:00 - 11:07 Retinoblastoma and Social Media Discussions: A Machine Learning Approach (Free Paper) Wai Chak CHOY
11:07 - 11:19 Endophthalmitis and masqueraders in the COVID era: the HKEH experience Shaheeda MOHAMED
11:19 - 11:31 Challenges in managing uveitis during Covid-19 pandemic Mary HO
11:31 - 11:51 Local experience on suprachoroidal TA injection in uveitis management Nicholas FUNG
11:51 - 11:58 Dry eye symptoms in post-COVID-19 dry eye patients (Free Paper) Oi Yau WONG
11:58 - 12:05 Effects of Firsthand Cigarette Smoking on Retinal Vessel Caliber: A Systemic Review and Meta-analysis (Free Paper) Lok Cheung YUEN
12:05 - 12:12 Reliability testing of an online artificial intelligence system for diabetic retinopathy screening in Chinese (Free Paper) Chi Lik AU
12:12 - 12:19 Post COVID-19 vaccination intraocular inflammation (Free Paper) Sophia Ling LI