Scientific Program (All Categories)
DateTimeVenueSubspecialtySession Title
Nov 1916:00
LPY Lecture TheatreASM SessionCUHK Symposium

Poemen CHAN
Wai Kit CHU

Topic / Speaker
16:00 - 16:12 Treating eye diseases with small molecules Wai Kit CHU
16:12 - 16:24 The 5-year outcome of Asian Patients with ocular hypertension after medication reduction. Poemen CHAN
16:24 - 16:36 Management of astigmatism in cataract and refractive surgery Tommy Chung Yan CHAN
16:36 - 16:48 A possible screening tool to identify Alzheimer's disease using AI based retinal imaging Carol CHEUNG
16:48 - 17:00 Phaco vs phaco ECP Isabel LAI
17:00 - 17:12 Displacement of submacular haemorrhage by pneumatic displacement versus pars plana vitrectomy with subretinal cocktail injection Ka Ho Simon SZETO
17:12 - 17:24 Image-guided management of orbital diseases Kelvin Kam-lung CHONG